“The Axcelerate solution enabled us to connect our financials and dashboard data with the everyday operations and sales of our business. We now have the business levers to engage or disengage to achieve target outcomes.”

Glenn Morreale,
C&M Auto Parts

Take full control of your business with Axcelerate

A business performance solution for budgeting, forecasting and company-wide strategic planning

Simply reviewing historical financial statements is not enough. Taking the time to build budgets, do performance reviews and re-forecast the future drives more informed decisions. All important decisions should be made in the context of a budgeting/forecasting meeting to weigh the pros and cons systematically – with real data.

There is only one place to begin. Axcelerate is for any business that is serious about making better decisions. We’ll help you by starting with a line-by-line budget setting process.

From there, we can do performance reviews with “budget vs actual” comparisons and monthly rolling forecasts. Remember, it’s the process, not the end-product that adds value. In a short amount of time, your business will be empowered with the right information to achieve your strategic initiatives.

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