"Information is the catalyst for change"

— Doug Smith


The ASI Reporting Package

Axcelerate professionals will work closely with you to review “budget to actual” results on a monthly basis, analyze and help understand the ratio analysis and establish and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

These KPI reviews, supported by ASI Reports, are performed on a regular basis with an agreed upon frequency to help management gain insight into the health of the business and anticipate how changes or strategies will affect the cash flow and profitability of the company.

By comparing “what happened” to “what we thought was going to happen” can enable your team to reshape their understanding of the mechanics of the business. The monthly review will be followed by a recap that includes performance results, discussion points and action items for both you and your Axcelerate partner.

Benefits of Axcelerate Performance Reviews

  • Measure financial results in a comprehensive way (with expert analysis, charts and scorecards)
  • Hold teams accountable for results and reward/reinforce good performance
  • Compare results to budget, question past decisions and more effectively advance

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